What kind of plant wears socks?

Todayi we will explain the solution of  “what kind of plant wears socks riddle“. Let’s explain.

Riddle: What kind of plant wears socks?


To solve this easy riddle, we need to think of trees which wearing socks around us. Is there any such tree in the forest? In which situations does tree or plant wear socks?

Is there any special meaning to hang socks on the tree or plants?

Or are socks hang on tree on a special party or day?

If we think about these questions, I think you can find the answer easily. Let’s think the days we celebrated. Which days do you celebrate with your family or your friends?

Birthday? I think there is no socks on your birthday.

Halloween? It may be socks, but I heve never seen any trees or plants.

Which days do you take a tree for celebrations? Could it be New Years night?

Of course. We buy Christmas trees every New Year. Well, Do you hang socks on these trees?

Yess we found the correct answer! The answer is Christmas.

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