Sam Says Sweet Sounds.

Sam says sweet sounds. How to use?  Sam is AI bot who can answer your questions. There two field  at sam’s website. First is implore field, other is quesiton field. You must write something firstly implore field. Then you can write your question. Be carefull when write your question because sam says: you have to implore! Now, let’s look step by step haw to use sam says sweet sound:

  • Go to the
  • Read all text at this website. It look likes a user guide.
  • Write something to implore textbox.
  • Write you question to “quesiton” textbox.
  • Click “ask Sam” button.
  • If you want to ask other question click “reset” button.


We ask something to Sam but couldn’t take any answer. Sam always said:

  • please do not play with me
  • i wont even look at your question until you read all text on this page
  • don’t you know how to ask nicely?
  • you are not getting into my database imploring like that
  • my time is valuable you know  etc…

We think that Sam is a bir spam AI bot. It never gives any answer. It is a waste of time.

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