Sam Sarah saw seven sharks swimming.

Riddle: Sam and Sarah saw seven sharks swimming. How many S are in the sentence?


Answer is easy. Only one S  in `the sentence’.  There’s actually a little quibble. So, the questioner asks you to think like this: How many S letters in the word “sentence” when you say in the sentence? Not Sam – Sarah – 7 Sharks.


If we think in this way, the answer seems simple, right? If we separate the letters of the word sentence as follows: S – E – N – T – E – N – C – E.  From here, we can see the first letter, S. And only 1 available

Answer:  One letter S in the “sentence”..

10 thoughts on “Sam Sarah saw seven sharks swimming.

    1. I think the answer is 2 what I understand to these question. The question is asking how many S meaning how many Capital S in the sentence ? so there is 2 Capital S

  1. Well I was told the answer is 3 I still don’t get it but hey everyone has their own thoughts about this one I can’t for the life of me see why the answer is 3 but I’ll keep reading it until I really come up with a understanding idk why I’m having. A hard time with this one 😂

  2. It was worded differently to me… Riddle me this… “Sara saw seven sharks while swimming. Now how many S’s are in this sentence?”

    My thoughts are 4 because it says this sentence, but I guess there is no definite answer 🤷🏻‍♀️

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