I’m in the book, but not on any leaf, Riddle

Riddle: I’m in the book, but not on any leaf; I’m in the mouth, but not in lip or teeth; I’m in the atmosphere, but never in the air; I wait on every one, but never on a pair; I am with you wherever you may go; And every thing you do I’m sure to know; Though when you did it I should not be there, Yet when ’twas done, you’d find me in the chair.What am I?

Let’s work backward! The answer is the letter “O” and the riddle gives us many many tips. We are going to try to understand them one by one. The letter “O” is in many books since there are many words that contain it. But what does the riddle mean when it says “leaf”? It means the leaf of a plant instead of a book!


And you can’t see the letter “O” on a plant’s leaf… Let’s look at the second sentence. Did you notice that when we say “O” our lips or teeth do not move or touch each other? Looking at the third sentence would be enough to get the riddle because it gives us the biggest clue!

Answer: The letter “O”.

“O” is a letter but it is also an element. It stands for oxygen and oxygen can be found in the atmosphere. But you can’t see the flying “O” letters in the air…
This riddle might have made you tired. So you might want to give a break!

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