If i had 4 eggs riddle

Riddle: If I had 4 eggs and a thief gave me 3 and my rooster laid 5 more. How many do I have?

We can see this riddle as “If I had 4 eggs. A thief gives me. My farm rooster lays 5 eggs. How many eggs do I have?”

The two riddles are the same. It looks like a simple math riddle. Let’s go to the solution together.

The answer is 3 eggs. Because, in the riddle it says, “I had 3 eggs”. So I had it in the past. But in the riddle he asks the moment. For this reason, these 3 eggs are not included.

Rooster writes in the third part of the riddle. Roosters never lay eggs ­čÖé

We will consider only 3 eggs we received from the thief in the second chapter. So the answer to our riddle is 3 eggs.

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