If i had 4 eggs riddle and answer

Riddle: If I had 4 eggs and a thief gave me 3 and my rooster laid 5 more. How many do I have?

The riddle, if I had 4 eggs has been going viral on social media nowadays. Read further to learn the answer and the explanation behind the answer.

Most people said, this riddle’s answer is 7,4 or 1. All of them think that this is a mathematic problem but not. First of all, we shouldn’t think of it as a math problem. This riddle has some wordplay involved.

First 4 eggs is a hypothetical situation so actually I don’t have any eggs.

In the second case, the thief gave me 3 eggs. Now, I have three eggs.

In the last case, 5 eggs is a wordplay.  because roosters don’t lay eggs.

As a result, I only have 3 eggs. Answer is onyl 3 egss.

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