I walk into the garden riddle

Riddle: I walk into the garden. There are 34 people in the garden. You kill 30. How many are in the garden?

One of the most popular riddle of the last days at twitter and internet. Although it may seem like an easy, it is not easy. Now let’s calculate the people left in the garden.


First of all, answer is not 4 people. It wouldn’t be that easy, would it? Let’s think like this:

  • If you kill people in a crowd, those who don’t die will run away from garden.

In that case, we can think of it as if 4 people who did not die, run away from the garden. Now, there are only you and 30 dead people in the garden.

If we don’t count dead people, you are in the garden. So answer is on person (you).

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