I had 13 dollars riddle

Riddle: I had 13 dollars. My father gave me 10 dollars then my mother gave me 20 dollars. My grandfather and grandmother gave me 50 dollars. I had another 15 dollars. How much did I have?

This is not a easy riddle. There lots of people gave me dollars. I had some dollars and asked totaly dollars which I had. Let’s count step by step and give the right answer of i had 13 dollars riddle.


Firstly, we must attention the tense. In the riddle some dollars are int the past before I had. If you read the riddle again, it asked “How much did I have?” so, Imust count the before my family gave me some dollars.

I have 13 dollars and had another 15 dollars. From this information the answer of htis riddle is 13 + 15 = 28 dollars. It doesn’t matter father, mother, grandfather and grandmother how much money gave me. All of these dollars after I had.

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