I enter the garden puzzle

Puzzle: I enter the garden. There are 34 people in the backyard. You kill 30. How many people are in the garden?

This puzzle so populer at social media, People want to understand this puzzle’s answer. The answer is not very easy, Let’s look the solution.

Some poeople think that “Dead or not, they are still in the garden. So they should still count” but it’s not true. From the puzzle we can understant it’s ask only live people.

First of all, I must thinkt that, If any killer shoot at people, they want to escape from there. In this puzzle, 30 people dead so we can guess that 4 people are escape from garden.

In the last case, 30 dead people and killer in the garden. In the last caseIf we don’t count the dead people only the killer in the garden.

Answer is: Onyl killer in the garden.

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