Five hundred begins it, five hundred ends it.

Riddle: Five hundred begins it, five hundred ends it. Five in the middle is seen; First of all figures, the first of all letters, Take up their stations between. Join all together, and then you will bring Before you the name of an eminent king.

Let’s look at the first line, it says the answer begins with five hundred and ends with five hundred. D is the D is representative of Roman numeral five hundred; therefore, D must be the first and the last letter of the answer.


Later, it says five in the middle is seen. Five is represented as the latter V in Roman numerals so V must take place in the middle of the answer. In the third line, it says first of all figures and the first of all letters, which means the first number and the first letter, 1 and A. 1 is represented as I in Roman numerals. When we join them together, it makes D A V I D. The answer of this riddle is David (Roman Numerals).

Answer:  David (Roman numerals).

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