What can be put in a cup, but never be taken out?

Riddle: What can you put in a glass but never take out of it? What can be put in a cup, but never be taken out?


It should be a little confusing. İmage a glass or cup, but in samething but never taken out? What happen it? Think simple. Try to guess the rigth answer…


Air? Noo.. Air can not taken out I think.  it can be taken out and create vaccum. Ok, if you don’t find the correct answer, keep with us.  Let’s give the answer without worrying you further.

Answer:  A crack.

I wield two blades

Our new riddle like this:

I wield two blades
Flanked by Justice and Law
I strike true and fair, hour by hour
For monarchs and peasants alike.

To solve this, you need to know a little about France and Paris. If you do not have any information, you can look at the answer without thinking.


Answer; You must looking for a symbol that two statues of Justice and Law placed next to a clock which found on the big clock in Boulevard du Paris at France. If you you know something about Paris architecture, you are so lucyly.

Climb to the clock and use your Eagle vision to uncover the rune you can interact with. Get the map and find the flag. Then  unlock the second riddle.