You walk into a room and see a bed.

You walk into a room and see a bed. On the bed there are 2 dogs, 4 cats, a giraffe, 5 cows and a duck. There are also 3 chickens flying above the bed. How many legs are on the floor?


Our word of attention is the word above the bed. Because the question asks how many legs are on the floor. But while telling the question, the word was always used on the bed. The words are different on the bed and on the floor.


It is only our legs and bed’s leg contact with the floor. We have 2 legs and bed has 4 legs. Totaly, there are 6 legs in contact with the floor. Dogs, cats, giraffe, cows, duck, chicken not important. Because they are on bed not on floor.

Answer is 6 legs.

How many legs are under the table?

Nowadays, most populer riddle is At a four-legged table, there is one grandma, two mothers, two daughters and a granddaughter. How many legs are under the table?

Answer is like;

Firstly, you can say 6 people around tables but not. In fact, only 3 people sitting around the table. Because a grandmother (1 person), her daughter (both a mother and a daughter is 1 person) and her granddaughter (a daughter and granddaughter is 1 person)


3 people have 6 legs. And olso table has 4 legs. Totaly there 10 legs under table.

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