Who spends the day at the window, goes to the table for meals and hides at night?

Hard Riddle: Who spends the day at the window, goes to the table for meals and hides at night?

From the point of views of all the people around the globe all a fly does all day is to figure out how to get in or get out from a closed window, to fly around and to go to tables with the aim of finding food for itself while people eat on that table.


At nights flies hides away and only come out when there is a light. Even though we mostly interact with the flies at summer, most people hate them or are revolted by them thinking they can be on anything all they and they mighty carry diseases.

The answer of this riddle is a fly.

What has 4 legs in the morning riddle

Riddle: What walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon, and three legs in the evening?

You can see this riddle as “I walk on 4 legs in the morning, 2 legs at noon, and 3 legs at night. What am I?”. Let’s look the answer.


Actually the words morning, noon and evening are a bit deceiving. Please do not think these are  parts of the day. If you thinks like these are parts of a person’s whole life, you can find the correct answer.

When a person a baby, he/she crawls on four  legs? We say this: crawling. This is morning.

When a person 4-5 years old, he/she can walk on two legs? Of course yes. This is noon.

When a person elderly, he/she may use a walkink stick. We can say he/she walks on three legs. This is evening.

In this case, the answer is human / person.

Be you ever so quick, with vision keen, by your eyes, we are never seen.

Riddle: Be you ever so quick, with vision keen, by your eyes, we are never seen. Unless perchance it should come to pass, you see our reflection in a looking glass. What are we?

Did you know the fact that our eyes never get rest? Even when we close our eyes, our eyelids are the part of our eyes that get rest not our eyes themselves. Even though they do not need rest and work all the time, there is one thing they cannot see, what is this thing?


Of course, your own eyes. This is what the riddle indicates when saying by your eyes we are never seen. There is only one way of seeing your own eyes and that is to look into a mirror, of course even then you only see the reflection of your eyes.

The answer of this riddle is your own eyes.

I have seas with no water.

At first the answer like the world, but it is not correct answer. What is the correct answer to I Have Seas With No Water Riddle?

Riddle:I have seas with no waters, coasts with no sand, towns without people and mountains with no land. What am I?


Solution of the “What is the answer to I Have Seas Without Water Riddle?”

There are some seas but no water, how?

There are some coast but no sand? imposibile?

How can not be people in towns?

We are looking for the midpoint of all these possibilities. I know it looks like impossibility but there is a only one correct answer.

Let’s give a hint. Remember that your school days. In the class, sometimes we saw samethink on the walls. Sometimes students play with this find a country on it.

And also we can see this in geography lesson. If you can’t remember still, let’s rigth the answer.

The answer is MAP 🙂

One day, the police found a man dead inside a hut.

It’s a good riddle to have nice time at home. Let’s do a little brainstorming.

Riddle: One day, the police found a man dead inside a hut. In his left hand, he’s holding a gun. In his right hand, he has a recording. When the recording is played, the police hear the man talking about how horrible life is and how he wants it to end. The recording ends with a gunshot. The police are about to call it a suicide until you point out a very important clue. What is it?


How did the recording end with a gunshot…. The recording should have continued as it was assumed that the man is recording it and had ended his life.

A woman shoots her husband.

Riddle:  A woman shoots her husband, then holds him underwater for five minutes. Next, she hangs him. Right after, they enjoy a lovely dinner. How is that possible?

Is it interesting? After she shoots, they have lovely dinner? Let’s llok the answer.


These days people don’t gou out their homes. Because the authorities recommend like this for people healty.

What can be done to spend funny time at home? One of the options is solve riddles or puzzles. It’s a nice activity to have a fun time at home.

As for the answer to the riddle we asked above;

In the riddle, it says: shoot her husband.

In the beginning, people thinks that she killed her husband, right? But what if the woman is a photographer?

The woman capture the picture of her husband.  The photos were hold, underwater for 5 minutes. At the and she enjoy a lovely dinner with this photo.


You enter a game saloon. There are 44 gamer playing with game.

Riddle: You enter a game saloon. There are 44 gamer playing game. 13 gamer killed. How many people are in the game saloon?

Before the give answer, I can say the correct answer is no 31 gamer. Let’s look the answer.


Firstly, we must read the riddle again and again. If the answer was 31, it would be very easy. If you don’t have an idea, keep reading.

In the riddle, it was given 13 gamer killed. So, There is a killer in the game saloon.

From the last sentence in the riddle, it asked “people” not gamer.

And also this riddle does not ask live people or gamer.

13 gamer killed + 31 gamer live + 1 killer = 45 people.

There are 45 people in the game saloon.