A woman shoots her husband.

Riddle:  A woman shoots her husband, then holds him underwater for five minutes. Next, she hangs him. Right after, they enjoy a lovely dinner. How is that possible?

Is it interesting? After she shoots, they have lovely dinner? Let’s llok the answer.


These days people don’t gou out their homes. Because the authorities recommend like this for people healty.

What can be done to spend funny time at home? One of the options is solve riddles or puzzles. It’s a nice activity to have a fun time at home.

As for the answer to the riddle we asked above;

In the riddle, it says: shoot her husband.

In the beginning, people thinks that she killed her husband, right? But what if the woman is a photographer?

The woman capture the picture of her husband.  The photos were hold, underwater for 5 minutes. At the and she enjoy a lovely dinner with this photo.


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