A man was born in 1933 riddle

Math Riddle: Frank was born in 1933 and died in 1946 at the age of 57. How can this be?

This riddle looks like a math riddle but it is not a math riddle. If you have a answer send us as a commend then we will add your answer.


Firstly, you may think 1946 – 1933 = 13 years old. But Frank was 57 years old. How? Let’s explain the riddle’s answer.

The number that 1933 is not a year of birth and 1946 is not year of death. This numbers are only hotel room’s number and hospital room’s number.

A person born in a room at a hospital. So, 1933 is the number of birth room. 1946 is the number of death room’s number.

From this explanation, Frank or a man can e age of 57 or other age. This is normal.

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