A girl got killed the killer took her iphone riddle

Riddle: A girl got killed, the killer took her iphone, airpods, piano and money. What did the killer take first?

We’re going to solve one of the internet’s most popular riddles. It is actually a simple riddle, but the answer is not hidden in it. We have to think a little complex so that we can only find the answer.

Let’s consider what the killer took, step by step. The piano is a heavy item. For this reason, it does not make sense to buy this first. Iphone is an expensive phone. can be preferred in the first place. Money is always preferred. If there is a lot of money it can be taken first.

There is something we don’t think about. Actually, this is the correct answer we are looking for. It says “take” in the riddle. Since the killer killed the girl, I think killer take her life first when she died.


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