We are answering the most populer riddle “34 people riddle” today. Let’s look the riddle before.

Riddle: I enter the garden. There are 34 people in the garden. You kill 34 people. How many people are in the garden?


For this riddle’s answer there are many different answer at he social media. Let’s look some of this. Then give the correct answer.

  • The answer is 31. Why? If i killed 30, the rest of them will run away in panic so there will be me and the 30 people killed in the room
  • 35–If there are 34 people in the garden, and you enter it and kill 30 of them… there are 35 people in the garden.
  • The answer has to be 35. It does not specify how many of the people have to be living so they also have to be counted as part of the 34 people originally in the room before you entered. Adding yourself makes 35.
  • There answer to this is 1. You are the only one who entered the bedroom alone and not with the 34 or the 30 that you killed. The question asks how many are in the bedroom? And at first it said “you entered the bedroom” keyword there is bedroom


Solution and correct answer:

I think the answer is 1. Only the killer in the garden.

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