Our riddle is about two doors. You can also see this riddle differently in different places. Let’s discuss the answer.

Full of Riddle: There are two doors, one leads to hell and the other to heaven. There are two guards standing in front of the doors. One of them is a liar and the other one is truthful. You don’t know which one them is standing in front of which door. You can ask only one question to one of them. How will you go to heaven?


First of all, let’s say that there is no definitive answer to this riddle. So let’s do a little brainstorming. We wrote the answers from you. You can add to them too.

Case1: If the answer is yes, then either the person is lying or telling the truth.
1. Lets say he is telling the truth. This means he is the truthful person and the other person is the liar and is standing infront of heaven.
2. If this person is lying, then he is the liar and in actual, the other person is the truthful one and is standing infront of heaven.

Thus the other gate is heaven.

Case2: The answer is no.

1. Suppose the person i asked this question was a liar, then he is standing infront of heaven.
2. If the person is truthful, then again this means that he is the one who is standing infront of heaven.

So in all, when i ask one of the guards-“if the liar is standing infront of heaven”, a yes means that the other door is of heaven and a no means that the immediate door is of heaven.

I would suggest you to try a different question to test this logic by yourself to understand it more clearly. What if you ask-“if the truthful person is standing infront of heaven/hell”?
It would be fun for you to try it.


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